Correct measurement of the wind is an important prerequisite for reliably estimating the energy yield of a wind turbine.

Cup Anemometer

The cup anemometer is the 'classic' instrument for measuring wind speed. This type of instrument has been our constant companion since the beginning of our activities and remains so to this day. The great importance of the cup anemometer is partly due to the fact that the power curves of wind turbines are usually measured with this instrument.

Sonic Anemometer

The ultrasonic anemometer can simultaneously measure the speed and direction of the wind. The acoustic virtual temperature is also measured. Due to its high sampling rate, this type of instrument is particularly suitable for high-resolution turbulence measurements.


The LiDAR emits laser pulses. The laser signal is reflected by the aerosols in the air and sent back. From this, the wind speed, direction and turbulence can be calculated. Ideal for carrying out wind measurements up to great heights without an excessive effort. With a lidar campaign stand-alone, or in conjunction with a measuring mast, the wind over the entire rotor surface of a wind turbine can be measured up to the tip and beyond.


The SODAR is an acoustic radar. It generates and emits bundles of sound pulses into the atmosphere. Part of the sound is scattered back due to inhomogeneities caused by the thermodynamic structure of the atmosphere and received again. Similar to a LiDAR, the SODAR can be deployed quickly and easily to carry out measurements up to great heights.


For the monitoring of the measuring instruments, it is important to store the collected data securely on site and transfer it regularly to our database. Real-time monitoring during data transfer and regular checks of the data enable any instrument defects to be recognised at an early stage.

Turn-key execution and operation of wind monitoring stations

Depending on customer requirements, we offer turnkey measuring stations including design, construction, operation and dismantling or individual components ' la carte'. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can adapt to many customer requirements.

We are available to our customers with help and advice before, during and after the completion of an order!